Who are Soluble Technology?

Increasing environmental pressures are forcing industry to consider the implications that their choice of packaging can have on the end user and their surroundings. The risk of exposure, particularly when handling chemicals and the issue of container disposal are just two of the problems that can be addressed with the latest in water soluble technology offered by Soluble Technology Limited.

microscopeSoluble Technology Limited was created to meet these challenges and today is an established leader in this specialised form of environmentally freindly packaging providing innovation and technical support from the initial selection of water soluble film through to the production of the finished product.

Soluble Technology Limited offer a wide range of quality polyvinyl alcohol films and in close collaboration with our supply partners, are working towards the commercialisation of new generation soluble and biodegradable film products suitable for the ever increasing demands of the global packaging market.

Soluble Technology Limited will act as your development partner, providing compatibility and stability checks which will enable us to provide the most suitable grade of water soluble film, together with advice on secondary packaging and where required, contract packaging services.

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